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  • Dans GRIT commentary on our blog

Travel Companions – GRIT 2015 Q3-Q4 Report Commentary

Travel Companions As a software supplier to the market research industry, I sometimes find myself describing our company as the manufacturer of “research” vehicles. Researchers drive those vehicles while panel providers serve as the gasoline that fuels them. Research could not happen without the contribution of each party and the research journey can be positively [...]

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  • Twitter Chats vs Online Focus Groups

Twitter Chats vs. Online Focus Group Platforms

Heidi Abramyk, itracks Marketing & Design Specialist Twitter chats are scheduled chats that take place on Twitter through Twitter updates, using a specific hashtag link to thread the tweets/discussion together in some form. Since it brings various people together to discuss their opinions on said topics, it could be used as a qualitative market research [...]

  • itracks product comparison chart

itracks Product Comparison Chart

We have added this handy product comparison chart to make deciding on which qual product is right for you and your research as simple as possible.  The image on the page can be saved and printed. Click the image to visit the product comparison chart page. Enjoy!

  • 8 tips for conducting international research

8 Tips for Conducting International Research

Monica Grebe, itracks Director of Client Services 1. People march to the beat of their own drum – Time is relative “As soon as possible” does not have universal meaning Respondents show up on time in some countries, but not in others 2. Go with who and what you know – Develop solid partnerships Good local [...]

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  • 8 tips for conducting international research

Technology Considerations for International Research

Monica Grebe, itracks Director of Client Services In my article, Best Practices for Conducting International Research, I discuss the considerations for logistics with international research projects.  Not only are your partners (moderators, translators) important, but so are your technology considerations.  To illustrate our point, we have accumulated data (sources below) comparing different technology statistics of the [...]

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  • 2015-mr-budget

MR Budget 2015 – Forced to Deliver More with Less?

Dan Weber, itracks CEO As a research manager or marketer, are you being challenged to deliver more in the coming year with your current resources?  Or worse are you faced with budget cuts?  Advances in research technology may be the answer to assist with higher quality research utilizing new innovative methodologies that demand fewer hours [...]

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  • MR Researchers Perspective on CASL

A Market Researcher’s Perspective on CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s anti-spam legislation came into force July 1, 2014 however the strong gales were felt in the months preceding. Thousands of businesses sent their desperate but professional pleas to convince the recipient that it was in their best interests to “opt-in” to continue to receive the company’s electronic messages. Recipients were inundated with these requests that even those that gave careful consideration, may too, in the end, ignored and deleted these requests.

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  • CASL Overview Blog Post

Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation

Lynne Back, itracks VP Finance On July 1, 2014, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) went into force. CASL’s primary purpose is to regulate the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEM).  CASL requires businesses to obtain either express “opt-in” or implied consent to send CEMs, including emails and certain types of social media messages.    A CEM must [...]

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