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The Toolbox: Enhancing Your Research Using itracks Video Chat

WEBINAR - The Toolbox: Enhancing Your Research Using itracks Video Chat WATCH RECORDING Join us for Part 3 of The Toolbox. The Toolbox will focus on helping you expand your research horizons by teaching you about some of the most original ways you can use online qualitative research to improve the

WEBINAR — Experience the new itracks VideoVault

Join us for a webinar on November 2nd, at 12:00 PM EDT and be one of the first to experience VideoVault. An intuitive, secure multimedia management system.

WEBINAR — Your Complete Qualitative Research Suite

Brent Beatty, Corporate Account Executive, will be showcasing the latest innovations in qualitative research video management, including, how to collect unlimited length mobile video responses from participants for true ethnography studies, product testing, and shopping activities.

Text vs Video Online Focus Groups

This webinar will provide an introductory overview of how an online discussion board works. The presentation will include a summary of the project set up, execution and post project reporting for asynchronous discussion boards.

Navigating The Evolving World of Online Qualitative

Come away with an understanding of the many tools and capabilities that are currently available, and will leave with tips on how to most effectively manage and moderate online sessions.

Talking With Our Fingers

A look at the new way of talking - with our fingers - to communicate and the impact this new language has on market researchers and the MR industry.

Medical Market Research Using Online Qualitative Methods

Learn how online qualitative research tools have and can be used for the medical and pharma companies for deep insights in the pharma, health and medical care segments to gain deeper insights.

Taking iMarkIt to the Next Level

Are you wondering how mobile based video research is conducted? Join Us for the Mobile Based Video Research - How Does It Work? Webinar.

Tips for Utilizing Video Content in Online Market Research

Discover 10 top tips for using video content to assist in your online marketing research and how to get participants to utilize video in their feedback and responses.

Best Practices for Conducting International Research

Learn more about best practices and tips for conducting international research from an experienced market research project manager.

Video Based Research Using Online & Mobile Technologies

Learn how to test videos such as television commercials, movie trailers, YouTube ads and TV shows with online qual software.

Creative Agency Benefit

Discover the benefits of using itracks online focus groups, video chat, and discussion boards for creative.