WEBINAR — Your Complete Qualitative Research Suite

itracks Board has been added into the itracks GO platform — the final step needed to provide the industry with the only comprehensive qualitative research suite the market has to offer. Join us for a webinar presenting our new platform and discussing the advantages and efficiencies offered by itracks GO, taking place on Wednesday October 12, at 12:00 PM EDT.

WEBINAR: Unlimited Length Mobile Video Uploads

Brent Beatty, Corporate Account Executive, will be showcasing the latest innovations in qualitative research video management, including, how to collect unlimited length mobile video responses from participants for true ethnography studies, product testing, and shopping activities.

Making the Leap: Engaging Participants

Tune in and watch as Kathy Fitzpatrick, itracks VP Client Development, dissects and presents the data and insights garnered through our research and see first-hand several examples in practice of increasing engagement of participants to enrich online and mobile qualitative research results.

Text vs Video Online Focus Groups

This webinar will provide an introductory overview of how an online discussion board works. The presentation will include a summary of the project set up, execution and post project reporting for asynchronous discussion boards.

Making the Leap to Online & Mobile Qualitative Research

Making the Leap to Online & Mobile Qualitative Research   As a thought and technology leader in the digital online qualitative space, itracks continually works to make sure clients are involved in our development, educated, and informed about how to grow their business using online capabilities. Kathy Fitzpatrick, itracks VP Client Development, conducted an