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itracks employs only the best forward-thinking individuals who will “assume first it can be done.” itracks hires top talent in programming, client services, sales, marketing and administration. Make it easier for us to track you down by sending your resume to . We look forward to analyzing your data.

Current Openings

Software Technical Support Specialist (Full Time)

Employee Profiles

“I have been with itracks since graduating from university. After starting as a junior programmer, I eventually worked my way up to leading a team of skilled and accomplished individuals. From learning new technologies to solving design challenges, I enjoy being part of a team who work hard to build quality software but who also have fun along the way.”

Andrew, Senior Programmer Analyst

“itracks is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and evolve the product. As a software architect this means that I am continually challenged to find the best fit for new and existing technologies in pursuit of these goals. This makes for a fun, exciting and rewarding workplace!”

Sean, Senior Software Architect

“itracks is more than just a technology company from Saskatchewan. We work with some of the world’s largest companies, equipping them with the best Market Research tools available today. I enjoy working with clients on a daily basis to become more efficient and profitable by leveraging our technology. This contributes to an exciting and rewarding work environment.”

Robert, Product Manager