Data Retention Policy – itracks

Data Retention Policy

The Data Retention Policy is designed to reduce strain on our servers, allowing them to operate at peak performance to serve you better. The Account Renewal Policy is to provide ongoing support, software upgrades and maintenance to itracks’ leading qualitative applications. Maintaining your accounts with itracks provides you with on-demand technical support, automatic software upgrades, access to online training information, secure hosting of project data, and integration of projects within itracks’ Research Engineer and the itracks GO platform.

Qualitative and Quantitative Project Data Retention

  • All project data, qualitative or quantitative, will be retained on itracks’ systems for 2 years after the project close date.
  • Project data will be removed from itracks’ systems 2 years after the project close date.
  • The primary email contact will receive an email reminder 14 days prior to data being removed.
  • itracks reserves the right to change its data retention policy as required to ensure compliance with any applicable laws, industry membership requirements or other valid business process reasons. Changes to this policy will be communicated to clients to ensure adequate notice of project data removal.

Qualitative Builder Account Maintenance

  • A yearly renewal fee of US$300 is required to maintain your builder account.
  • This fee will be waived for clients who conduct more than 1 paid group per account, or the equivalent, in the 12 months prior to the renewal date.
  • If a client chooses not to renew their builder account, it will be de-activated. Any projects in a de-activated builder account will be removed from itracks’ systems.
  • Builder accounts will be deactivated if they have been inactive for a period of 1 year.
  • If a client with a deactivated builder account would like to resume online qualitative research, an account can be purchased at the regular account activation fee.


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