Webinar: On Demand Online Qualitative Recruitment Offered by Research Now and itracks

Join Steve Billingsley, Research Now Client Development Manager, and Dan Weber, itracks CEO, for an exciting webinar announcing a new partnership and research methodology. Dan and Steve will discuss On Demand Recruitment and Automated Incentive Fulfillment.

On Demand Recruitment is a new method of recruiting for online and mobile qualitative studies designed to significantly reduce recruiting timelines, project management requirements and recruiting costs. Participants can be automatically moved from any quantitative screener or survey directly into a qualitative exercise, based on your predefined qualifying criteria. On Demand Recruitment can be used with any standard survey software program.

Automated Incentive Fulfillment allows you to efficiently manage incentives through an automated system that immediately rewards the participant upon completion and approval. Again, saving you the time, money and hassle associated with qualitative incentives.
The technology also facilitates efficient mixed methods research for Qual/Quant studies.

The webinar will provide a demonstration and case study example of On Demand Recruitment and Incentive Fulfillment.

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