3 Ways to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Customers During COVID-19



The financial industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic triggering a constant state of change.  A more in-depth understanding of consumer perspectives and motivations helps create clarity in product design, branding and communications, and qualitative research is helping more companies than ever to gain this understanding.  Qualitative research solutions have evolved at an accelerated rate to engage consumers and to create experiences for decision makers to immerse themselves in the lives of end users to foster empathy and understanding.

Who should attend?

This webinar was designed for executives, research professionals, and marketing professionals within the finance industry who want to gain a better understanding of their customer experience.

What to expect

Dan Weber, itracks CEO, will discuss various options for digital qualitative research programs to efficiently deliver high quality insights, and best practice tips to meet your  goals.

Christine Keller (Program Manager, MassMutual Client Lab) and Kathy Fitzpatrick (VP Business Development, itracks) will present a case study about the positive impact of Reality Voice(SM), MassMutual’s sales/service tool developed on itracks’ platform. The tool is an innovative application of qualitative research technology used to help advisors grow their business and plan sponsors see potential impact of decisions with a close to real time feedback loop. They will also discuss how the team pivoted when the pandemic hit to create more value and ROI.

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