Itracks Online Qualitative Suite Now with Asian Language Tech Support

Saskatoon, SK
– Itracks, a pioneer in online qualitative research services, has expanded their capabilities in the Asia Pacific region and is now offering multi-language technical support, sampling and recruitment capabilities in that region.These new capabilities in the Asia Pacific region are the result of a strategic alliance with The Pulse Group. The Pulse Group is a premier research process outsourcing company headquartered in Sidney, Australia with offices in Malaysia.’We’re excited to round out our patented qualitative offerings with multi-lingual technical support,’ said Jim Longo, Itracks VP, Client Development. ‘We’ve seen an upsurge of interest in online methods in this region.’

The synergy between the two companies will form the basis of a strong online qualitative offer within the region, providing online bulletin boards and focus groups in a range of languages and recruiting from Planet Pulse, Asia’s largest online network.



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