itracks beats record for mobile posts in a month
Heidi Abramyk, itracks Marketing & Design Specialist

We here at itracks are excited announce a new record in mobile responses through our mobile itracks qualitative app.  Our new record of 15,971 monthly responses this February beats out our past record of 15,178 at an increase of 5.22%. The highest number of daily responses was 1,297 on February 11th, 2015.  Being in the business of qual, quantitative numbers like these make us “feel” excited about our growth and the growth of mobile qual! (qual joke)

Mobile qualitative research (e.g., diaries, image capture) grew from 19% to 24%; mobile qual is strongest outside North America and Europe, with 30% of “rest of world” researchers having utilized it, compared to 23% in Europe and just 16% in North America”

-Fall 2014 GRIT Report

The above excerpt from the Fall 2014 GRIT report indicates what we’ve been seeing- a growth in mobile qual. Mobile qual has many benefits of accessibility and convenience for participants and moderators alike.  We are excited to see the numbers rise even more as firms and end users take the leap not just to online but mobile as well and start reaping the benefits of the advancements of qualitative research tools in the digital age.