Innovative New Concept Testing Tool

Saskatoon, SK– Itracks introduces iMarkIt an innovative new tool that lets both qualitative participants and survey respondents mark up video, website, images and text with emoticons, arrows, color, and text boxes. Researchers can highlight key findings for their client with visuals created by the respondent themselves.”Market researchers have been looking for more collaborative tools to enrich the respondent experience while delivering more value to the client,” says Jim Longo, Itracks VP, Client Development. “Now they have one that is unparalleled in the industry.”

iMarkIt integrates with the company’s patented online focus group and bulletin board facilities as well as their online surveys. Essentially, stimuli are displayed and respondents can drag and drop elements and text boxes on top of the image. Smiley faces highlight what they like, frowns highlight what they don’t, lines cross out text or arrows point to specifics. All the while, respondents can add their text commentary explaining their rationale.

This tool is perfect for concept and advertising testing, website feedback, copy testing and logo development.

Itracks has partnered with SharpStyle Labs, Inc., a leading provider of rich Internet-Development applications to provide the new tool.


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