Project Description

Taking iMarkIt to the Next Level Webinar

Joel Schmaltz shares tips and tricks on how to use itracks’ markup tool – iMarkIt. Learn what this powerful research tool can do and how to apply it both strategically and methodically to gain insights on your images, text, videos and other media like never before. Section your content off in regions to gain specific feedback on the different “zones” on the targeted areas of your content.  Utilize heatmaps, highlighting, like/dislike buttons, and comment tools to get all of your consumer insights to visual stimuli in a visual manner.

iMarkIt can be used as an integrated exercise in any of itracks’ qualitative products (itracks Chat, itracks Board, itracks Community, itracks Video Chat) or as an integrated exercise as a standard question type in itracks’ online surveys or most common survey platforms. Visit the iMarkIt product page to learn more.