Project Description

Case Study: Non-intrusive Ethnography with Kinemedica – itracks Board, iMarkIt

The Client

Kinemedica Market Solutions is a key provider of qualitative research focused on meeting the strategic information needs of medical device manufacturers. With the founder’s 17 years of market research experience, the company serves healthcare manufacturers of diagnostics, implants, surgical tools and disposables, capital equipment and software/hardware by providing new solutions to help clients navigate new and challenging business environments and initiatives successfully. Kinemedica Market Solutions’ clients include half of the top 10, and 17 of the top 100 medical device manufacturers, worldwide.

The Challenge

Kinemedica approached itracks to help them develop a solution for a manufacturer of injection devices, who was looking to understand how current alternatives were being utilized by both patients and nurse providers in the anti-inflammatory category. The client was interested in sequestering feedback, but recognized the challenges of the research were three-fold.

  1. They had to sequester meaningful feedback from patients regarding a very private and personal healthcare activity.
  2. They had to sequester meaningful feedback from nurses, who are challenged with respect to work schedules and free time.
  3. They needed a solution which would allow the capture of quantitative responses for segmentation as well as qualitative responses in the form of video, device demonstration and media assessment.

The Solution

Quantitative: Together, Kinemedica and itracks proposed that the client leverage itracks’ Discussion Board platform, which includes the ability to combine Quantitative polling and advanced questions within itracks’ patented Qualitative discussion board. Participants could provide the quantitative feedback needed for segmentation while offering rich qualitative responses on the various topics.
Qualitative: Based upon the feedback sequestered in the Quantitative exercises, the client was able to specifically segment the respondents within the platform and expose them to a unique discussion tailored to their segmentation. This was achieved without the need to monitor or purchase additional discussion board groups for the research.
Privacy: The asynchronous Discussion Board platform allowed patients to provide and record their feedback from the comfort of their home. Video was captured and uploaded with ease into the project, utilizing the video response technology and supporting the ethnographic objectives around current device utilization.
Mobile: With the free integration of itracks’ Mobile functionality into their Discussion Board platform, respondents were able to utilize their mobile devices to record their feedback and submit videos with ease. Furthermore, time-challenged participants, such as nurses, were able to participate at anytime and from anywhere, thereby maximizing participation rates and convenience for participants.
Media Testing: With itracks’ iMarkIt technology, participants were able to assess images to generate heat map reporting and to detail specifics such as injection sites for their current device. Video media was also assessed to provide feedback on video content and imagery as perceived by respondents. All responses were able to be segmented and reported upon based on the Quantitative feedback provided earlier.

The Results (Client Testimonial)

“The ability to derive both quantitative results and explore the reasons for patient and nurse perceptions and preferences was invaluable to the success of this project. This was a complicated project with some serious technical challenges, a couple of tough respondent groups and a very tight timeline; the technical support provided by the itracks’ team was excellent and always responsive, even in the middle of the holiday season. As icing on the cake, the respondents actually ENJOYED the interviews, and the visual output had great impact on the decisions our client needed to make. The client got to observe the results in real time, and they asked additional questions throughout the course of the study, either to groups or individuals. It wasn’t just “voice of the customer”, it was non-intrusive ethnography, collected from dozens of geographically diverse respondents, in three days. Supplemented by quantitative output. That provides tremendous market research value.”

–Rebekkah Carney, MIM, Principal, Kinemedica Market Solutions.