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Security Questions You Should be Asking

Project Description

Questions you should be asking your software vendor and the answers they should be telling you if you want your data and projects secure.

  • Are passwords required to access the software and not just links provided by your vendor? Correct answer: Yes
  • Do participants, clients and researchers create and their own passwords? Correct answer: Yes
  • Does your vendor provided open links to access their video focus group software without the need for username and password credentials? Correct answer: Never
  • Can you book your own focus group and invite only the people you want to access. Correct answer: yes
  • Do you need to supply your vendors with client and participant PII who then book groups on your behalf? Correct answer: Never
  • Does each interview have their own unique conference line and interview room removing risk of participant or client overlap and security breach. Correct answer: Yes
  • Is the data hosted in a secure environment? Correct answer: Yes


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