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WEBINAR – The Toolbox: Enhancing Your Research Using itracks Video Chat

Enhancing Your Research Using itracks Video Chat

Join us for Part 3 of The Toolbox.

The Toolbox will focus on helping you expand your research horizons by teaching you about some of the most original ways you can use online qualitative research to improve the quality of your research.

It’s important to have a wide variety of tools in your research toolkit, and online video chat focus groups and IDIs, such as itracks Video Chat, can really elevate the quality of your research when used with certain project types.

Brent Beatty, Corporate Account Executive and Kathy Fitzpatrick, VP Client Development will illustrate how to get the most out of live video IDIs and focus groups using itracks Video Chat.

You’ll learn how to utilize Video Chat to conduct in-depth UX and UI testing, live mobile ethnographies, and incorporate different research tools to get the most out of your research.

You’ll learn the best methods of conducting, moderating, and reporting on these types of research projects and see examples of successful projects that have been completed in the past.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday March 8th at 12:00PM EST.


Brent Beatty Corporate Account Executive
Corporate Account Executive


Kathy Fitzpatrick VP, Client Development
VP, Client Development