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WEBINAR – The Toolbox: Elevate Your Research With itracks IDI & Additional Tools

The Toolbox Elevate your Research with itracks IDI & Additional Tools

Join us for the fourth and final part of The Toolbox webinar series.

The Toolbox webinar series focuses on helping you expand your research horizons by teaching you about some of the most original ways you can use online qualitative research to improve the quality of your research.

You have learnt how to use Board, Chat & Video Chat to improve your qualitative research. Now explore a variety of other options and tools that are available within itracks GO that can expand your qualitative research toolbox. This fourth and final webinar of the series will discuss ways to make your qualitative research easier and more effective by exploring the following tools: itracks Video Vault, iMarkIt, IDI, Integration and the GO Booking and Management System.

Brent Beatty, Corporate Account Executive at itracks, will discussing how these tools can help you conduct even more robust research.

BRENT BEATTYCorporate Account Executive