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itracks IDI (In-depth Interview)

Individual interviews with media sharing at their finest.

Merging the simplicity of the telephone and the convenience of itracks’ scheduling, transcribing and backroom features, the itracks IDI (in-depth interview) is created to provide you a secure and effortless means to gather qualitative data. Researchers may share media through the whiteboard feature to guide conversation while clients may listen and speak privately through the online backroom.  Audio recordings are available for the clients to download once the meeting is complete, or a transcript can easily be ordered through the software. With no programs to download or plug-ins required, itracks IDI is accessible wherever you go.


Works Great For:

  • Interviews that require participants to view media
  • Interviews that involve client observer feedback during the interview
  • Projects with multiple interviews requiring scheduling
  • Interviews that require transcription and management of transcripts

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