Project Services for Advertising Agencies

We will ensure your research objectives are met with success.

The key to developing great creative is understanding the consumer and finding the killer insight that drives strategy. From mining consumer insight to ideation for creative development and fine tuning advertising, our online focus groups can be used for the entire process.

Provide us with project specifications, recruiting requirements, the discussion guide and other research activities and we will ensure your project is ready to field. Our project services team will manage project logistics, recruiting and technology setup. We have a network of specialized moderators available to assist, or you can select a moderator from your network. As your project fields, our technical support staff is here to support your research team and participants 24/7.



Works Great For:

  • Probing strategy: Does it resonate? Is it the correct direction?
  • Ideation: white boarding, clustering
  • Receive consumer feedback on creative in development
  • Fine tune creative prior to launch in almost any format
  • Research with multiple locations and complex logistics
  • Local, national, international projects
  • Projects with fast turn-around times
  • Feedback on story boards, still frame, and video
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