Project Services for Companies and Brands

We can deliver the insights you need for growth.

itracks facilitates research for companies and brands by providing industry-leading technology and the research services to back it up. We help you get a great return on your investment in market research. Provide us with your research challenges and we will provide a project team to deliver.

itracks’ Project Services Team will manage the project logistics, vendors, recruiting, technology setup, data collection and incentives. Provide us with the project specifications, recruiting requirements, discussion guide and other research activities and we will ensure your project is ready to field.

itracks has an extensive network of professional moderators and research service providers that we partner with for projects, which brings a high level of expertise in your industry. We are independent allowing us to source the best team from our global network to meet your research objectives. You receive the reports and recommendations you need to grow your business and brand.

Looking for efficiencies and bringing services in-house? Leverage our DIY software platforms and training services.


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