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Online and Mobile Ethnography

Online and Mobile Ethnography

View a complete picture of customers and how products and services fit into their life with non-intrusive ethnography studies using the itracks Board platform.  Gather in depth insights into lifestyle factors, attitudes and social context through video responses provided by respondents using itracks Mobile, a convenient mobile app designed for ethnography.   Allow respondents to share multiple photos per post and videos of their environment without the influence of 3rd party researchers.  Rebekkah Carney from Kinemedica Market solutions indicated, “It wasn’t just “voice of the customer”, it was non-intrusive ethnography, collected from dozens of geographically diverse respondents, in three days. Supplemented by quantitative output. That provides tremendous market research value.”  (See case study here)

Works Great For:

  • In home usage tests

  • Shopping studies

  • Personal care and sensitive topic studies

  • Research with participants in diverse locations

  • Projects with fast turnaround times

  • In field testing eg. vehicles, events etc

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