Project Services for Medical Market Research

Online and mobile market research solutions for medical-based studies.

itracks’ technology and services are frequently used for pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare research. Online and mobile qualitative methods allow researchers to gain insights from healthcare professionals with time and scheduling constraints and healthcare patients with mobility constraints. Research data is hosted in a secure environment itracks team works under high levels of privacy standards to comply with HIPAA privacy rules and industry requirements.

We provide full service solutions by partnering with our network of sample providers and expert moderators that specialize in healthcare.  itracks will help you plan, field and manage your research projects.  Our project managers and client services team will help you every step of the way to ensure you meet your research objectives are met with success.

Medical market research services

Works Great For:

  • Studies with Physicians, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals
  • Low incidence and sensitive topic patient studies
  • Patient studies including people with mobility restrictions
  • Research with multiple locations and complex logistics
  • Local, national, and international projects
  • Projects with fast turnaround times
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