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itracks Video IDI (In-depth Interview)

Flash-Free Streamed Video Interviews

itracks Video IDI provides a flash-free video solution built for market research interviews with extensive white labeling/branding capabilities. The platform is conveniently accessible with the most robust browser support in the industry. The intuitive screen-share feature allows users to share their online activities with the researcher. Leverage the industry-leading output solutions, including high quality individual video feeds and multi-track audio export options. itracks Video IDI is an easily accessible, secure and reliable software, created to empower the voice of the customer through video interviews.

Works Great For:

  • Projects with client observers.  Collaborate before and after the session within the software!
  • Participants with security and download restrictions (common with B2B participants due to security restraints)
  • Projects that require high quality video recordings
  • High profile projects where you require on demand support and want to display your company branding
  • Projects with multiple participants to coordinate (efficient with time selection and calendar features)

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