Designing & Executing Online Chat Focus Groups, Intercept Studies and Live Event Research

This is the final webinar in the three-part "Expanding Your Horizons" webinar series. Join Dan Weber, President of itracks, as he speaks about how to plan, design and execute online text chat focus groups. He will show how to conduct research on live events including sporting events, video gaming tournaments, scheduled TV events, political presentations, or a client’s own live event. He will also speak to setting up “itracks Now” events which utilize real time recruiting methods to start a focus groups in 15 minutes or less.

Webinar Series: Expanding Your Horizons

Join Kathy Fitzpatrick as she introduces general considerations for planning, designing and executing online qualitative projects. During the second half of the hour, Kathy will discuss specific considerations for online discussion board focus groups.  

Webinar: Delivering Client ROI (Return on Investment) through Online Focus Groups and Interviews

   Looking to leverage online qualitative research methodologies?Join our webinar with itracks team members, Oana Popescu and Garnette Weber, providing recommendations for recruitment of quality participants, selecting an appropriate methodology, automating scheduling, creating activities (dial testing, highlighting/ markup exercises and card sorts) and security considerations.  Create an interactive backroom experience for clients using streamed video discussions

Webinar: itracks Video IDI Product Launch

itracks Video IDI provides a flash-free video solution built for market research interviews with extensive white labeling/branding capabilities.  The platform is conveniently accessible with the most robust browser support in the industry.  The intuitive screen-share feature allows users to share their online activities with the researcher.  Leverage the industry-leading output solutions, including high quality