Millennial Research – The Case for Segmentation

Get the free e-book Millennial Research: The Case for Segmentation is a free, 60-page e-book meant to peel back the layers and uncover fundamental truths about demographics and lifestyle attributes millennials share universally, as well as how they can be segmented into unique groups. Like every generation, behavioral drivers change over time and

Participant Time Selection Release

WEBINAR: itracks GO - Participant Time Selection Release One of the most common pain-points during a project is the confirmation process. As a moderator, recruiter, or project manager, the hours spent confirming and rescheduling participants can prove to be detrimental to project efficiency (and ultimately to project margins). ​ ​

How to Conduct Qualitative Research on Millennials – WEBINAR

How to Conduct Qualitative Research on Millennials – Perspective from a Millennial Moderator WATCH RECORDING Millennials are the new hot topic for researchers. How? Why? Where? What next? We have so many questions about millennials because they are leading the trends, are currently our largest living generation, and account

WEBINAR: itracks GO 2.0 Unveiling

WEBINAR - itracks GO 2.0 Release We're excited to release the new itracks GO 2.0 Qualitative Research Software - a platform that reflects the quality and creativity of your research.  Building on the strengths of itracks’ current GO platform, which integrates all of your favorite Qualitative research tools into one product, GO 2.0