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Case Study: Cost Effective and Efficient In Home Use Test (IHUT) with GreatBlue – itracks Board

The Client

GreatBlue operates on the premise that personal and professional interactions serve as the foundation of their innovative culture, industry understanding and technological advancement. With consistent focus on how to help clients achieve greatness, GreatBlue seeks actionable research results to guide their clients toward “What’s Next”.

The Challenge

GreatBlue approached itracks to help develop insights for a leading floor cleaning unit manufacturer. It was critical that GreatBlue establish a partner whom could support their vision of a non-intrusive, convenient in-home prototype test.

The client was interested in enriched experiential feedback and identified the challenges as follows:

  1. The partnership would rely upon a highly responsive and dependable relationship to be formed as the timelines would be very tight with each in-home test.
  2. Meaningful feedback required a non-intrusive solution to capture real-world utilization of their product.
  3. A platform was required to provide an economic alternative to field placement of research teams in the users home.

The Solution

Network: Drawing upon the experienced resources available from itracks, GreatBlue was able to sequester the appropriate target demographic, secure phone confirmations, ship prototype units and initiate the online discussion in one week. The partnership helped facilitate the familiarity with the platform for GreatBlue and supported their deliverables according to the client’s timelines.

Qualitative: Together, itracks and GreatBlue proposed that the client leverage itracks’ Bulletin Board Focus Group Platform (itracks Board) along with the fully integrated mobile app (itracks Mobile). This platform allows clients to engage product testers in their homes asynchronously and thus capture true real-world experiences with the device. Users could assemble, utilize and provide feedback on the device over the course of the research period thus ensuring the experience was a truly representative field observation of floor cleaning in the moment. Rich video media could be solicited by leveraging the mobile integration of iOS and Android devices within the project and allow participants to seamlessly record and upload their experiences accordingly.

Economy: With itracks’ Bulletin Board technology, participants were able to assess assembly, features, performance and impressions of the prototype by leveraging the rich response options of text, images and video upon immediate receipt of their unit. Their feedback was honest and conveniently provided at the time of their cleaning needs as presented within their daily routine. The project findings benefited greatly from the increased field time afforded by the asynchronous platform and mitigated the expense of research team travel and accommodation. GreatBlue was further able to benefit a larger geographic representation without the need to rely upon facility or home visit scheduling. The client received highly robust research data across an appropriate representation at a reduced cost.

The Results (Client Testimonial)

The client fell in love with the technology, and the participants had a blast cleaning their floors (imagine that!), with the video and picture posting, and providing their opinions on the product being tested.

What our client loves about this technology is first and foremost, the deeper dive they receive with the online participants…determining the “whys” behind the “whats”. Our client enjoys interacting with the bulletin board and has marketing team meetings huddled with the bulletin board sessions displayed on a projector screen. How great is that! Lastly, our client has been able to save tens of thousands of dollars in travel and focus group facility expenses. The economic impact is huge for them being a global provider of their products… The bulletin board was the perfect solution. In fact, the bulletin board became the perfect solution for 6 more unique product studies in 2013.”

– Mark DeNicolo VP Operations, GreatBlue

To read the complete testimonial from GreatBlue, click here.


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