8 tips for conducting international research

Monica Grebe, itracks Director of Client Services

In my article, Best Practices for Conducting International Research, I discuss the considerations for logistics with international research projects.  Not only are your partners (moderators, translators) important, but so are your technology considerations.  To illustrate our point, we have accumulated data (sources below) comparing different technology statistics of the US compared to some emerging markets.

The major software considerations when choosing which type of online qualitative research platform to utilize in your study are:

Internet Penetration

  • Countries with high internet penetration are better equipped for web-based platforms
  • Often varies by different segments of the population (income level, professionals etc.)

Internet Usage

  • Similar to internet penetration, countries with high internet usage are better equipped for web-based platforms

Fixed Broadband Internet

  • Countries with a higher frequency or instance of fixed broadband internet shows a capability for higher data streaming.
  • Where there is a higher capability for data streaming, there is an opportunity to use video chats and video rich feedback.

Mobile Cellular Subscriptions

  • Areas with higher mobile cellular subscription rates are suited to using mobile qual products
  • May be more likely to use mobile phone for participating
  • Creates an opportunity for more real-time, in the moment research
  • Be aware of usage costs to participants

Note: Because a single Internet subscription may be shared by many people and a single person may have more than one subscription, the penetration rate will not reflect the actual level of access to broadband Internet of the population and penetration rates larger than 100% are possible.

Other considerations:

  • Manage languages
  • Incentive distribution considerations (PayPal works well)
  • Technical checks for real time groups / practice exercise for discussion boards
  • Advanced technical support may be required

For more information, view the recording itracks GO Global webinar.