itracks twas the night before christmas

Dan Weber, itracks CEO

‘Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a desktop was stirring, not one single mouse.
The monitors we hung on the wall with care
In hopes that 10,000 groups would soon be there.
The employees were nestled all snug in their bed
While visions of burn down charts danced in their heads.
The server room twinkled and made the odd little peep
The research world as we know it had long been asleep.
When all of a sudden the servers went crazy.
Kendal woke from his sleep his head a bit hazy.
What’s going on? The servers are going nuts!
Something was wrong – no ifs ands or butts!
Focus groups in Asia were all a buzz.
Not about research, but where Santa was.
For it was getting late, the sun would soon rise
And stockings were empty – Santa hadn’t arrived.
On Norad’s Tracker, Kendal’s fears were defined.
No gifts were being delivered, Santa’s sleigh had flatlined.
It raced past Berlin but should have been in Hong Kong.
“Gilles”, it’s Kendal, “Something’s gone terribly wrong!”
Gilles home phone rang too – on the line was Norad.
Our pilots have news, and the news they have is bad.
Santa has suffered, a small heart attack.
We have stabilized him and are bringing him back.
Gilles called employees, get to the office without haste
Looking at his watch he knew there was little time to waste.
Garnette called a stand up, and Lynne laid out the finance plan.
We will need someone in the sleigh and we think it should be Dan.
My face went white and my thoughts turned to the worst.
Drive Santa’s sleigh? I can’t even turn onto 51st.
Get over to the airport, a jets waiting for you!
Once you’re in the sleigh you’ll hear from ground crew.
In order to keep, the Christmas dream alive –
We need to locate that sleigh and hack the hard drive.
Operations got on the phone and called the Elves at the poll
Were here to help, delivering gifts is our goal
So what are we looking at, what will we need?
The elves explained there were problems and were there problems indeed.
They talked of old software and missed upgrades that were annual.
That had produced a huge system involving labor that was manual.
The Elves were overwhelmed, the poor souls started to cry.
Candace knew then and there that they needed to go DIY.
Don’t cry little guys, I know how you feel.
Just write down your problems and I will get them to Gilles
The stories piled in and it was certainly clear.
Much had to be done to save Christmas this year.
So here is our list, and not to sound cheezy –
But if Dans’ flying that thing, we’ll need “Stupid Easy”.
Santa was rushed to RUH under cover
A few of the staff were surprised to discover.
Surprised, but happy to know he wasn’t sicker.
And they thought a little exercise would fix santa’s ticker.
Get me back to my sleigh I have toys to deliver,
Or Christmas has not hope, not even a sliver.
You’re going nowhere Donna boldly explained.
itracks is on it, Dan’s taken the reins.
Oh good gracious no, Dan can fly that sleigh.
There is too much involved. He’s certain to lose his way.
Don’t panic Santa, Donna told the old chap.
Let’s get you connected on the new itracks app.
Dan radioed sales, I am up in the sleigh.
There are gadgets everywhere and we’re going the wrong way.
Sales didn’t panic while under the gun.
And reminded Dan to believe first it can be done.
We have re-routed the maps explained Joel from Saskatoon.
The first wave of upgrades should go online soon.
The next step we took to ensure you stay alive
Is to remove the need for steering and replaced it with auto drive.
The sleigh turned around and to Asia went a blazing.
Santa texted from the hospital, that feature sounds amazing!
What else can you do Gilles? What about dealing with fog?
Can you make that a story Santa and I will put it in the backlog.
The next problem to solve was delivering the toys.
If Christmas was to be saved for little girls and little boys
Sean called the elves and asked what’s the next thing you do?
We call Santa from the pole and tell him what belongs to who.
But first we must search and deliver advice
And sort from the list of who has been naughty and nice.
There’s a lot of back a forth before – down the chimney he goes…
And it only compounds on the nights that it snows.
Dan can’t handle that, it must all be in order.
So the next thing software built was a supersonic gift sorter
When he arrived, at the first house in Hong Kong,
Everything was ready and nothing went wrong.
A Barbie for Lucy and an X box for Lee.
Perfectly packaged and under the tree.
Around the world he went in the dark night sky
As the team talked to Santa and delivered upgrades on the fly.
The new software was a hit it and worked like a charm.
Dan delivered gifts to every house, home and farm
Though it wasn’t easy, they all found a way.
Itracks came through and again saved the day.
There were smiles on the faces of every tiny elf
Because now their new software was do it yourself.
There’s something to be said about goals that are bold.
Santa once dreamed it, or so I’ve been told.
He held Mrs. Clauses hand, now I know this seems wild.
But I want to deliver gifts in this world to each child.
It’s hard to imagine Christmas without that old man.
Thankfully Santa dreamed big and stuck to a plan.
10,000 groups is a big goal indeed.
But step one at 500 is something we can achieve.
Santa recovered, over time with some rest.
Mrs. Clause thanked Donna and sent some new devices to help test.
Ready to go home, to his team gave a whistle,
And away Santa flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,
“An itracks Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”