WEBINAR: Connecting Online Focus Groups to Surveys for Richer Insights


Clients are always looking for innovative ways to both enhance and speed up their research.   We held a webinar where Dan Weber, itracks CEO and Ann-Marie Sonmez, itracks Marketing & Business Development Coordinator provided a number of examples where quantitative and qualitative methodologies could be combined using itracks Integration Technology.

Improve qualitative study recruitment by combining our integration technology with advanced screening processes to ensure high quality participants within tight timelines.

Discover deeper insights during any of your online quantitative studies by including qualitative exercises.   The integration technology works seamlessly with all major survey programming platforms.  It is simple, fast and effective.  Let us show you how.

The webinar took place on Wednesday June 6th at 12:00 PM EDT. Click the button above to view a recording of the webinar.


Dan Weber, CEO and Founder of itracks
CEO & Co-Founder of itracks


Ann-Marie Sonmez, Marketing and Business Development Coordinator
Marketing & Business Development Coordinator