Webinar: Navigating The Evolving World of Online Qualitative


The Prairie region of the MRIA with veteran moderator Jeff Walkowski will provide a fast-paced one-hour webinar to give attendees an understanding of the many tools and capabilities that are currently available, and will leave with tips on how to most effectively manage and moderate online sessions.

The use of online methods in qualitative research continues to grow. More and more, research buyers are expecting their qualitative research consultants to be ready, willing, and able to plan, manage, and moderate groups online. As the demand grows for online qualitative, platform providers keep adding enhancements to give moderators increased flexibility in their approaches.

Jeff has over 30 years of research experience, both as a quantitative and a qualitative researcher. He is considered to be a pioneer in the online qualitative arena, having conducted his first online focus groups in the late 90s. He has conducted more than 600 online focus groups to date, and along with his colleague Casey Sweet has been providing online moderator training for over 10 years. Jeff is actively involved in the QRCA, and has served that organization twice as president.

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