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Why Us

We’ve been doing this forever (in internet years, that is).

No one knows online qualitative research like we do. We were pioneers in this world. Many other market research companies actually use our software to conduct their research. Come to us and you get it straight from the source.

In the fickle world of market research, experience really makes the difference between answers you can count on versus answers that will send you down the wrong track. We know what you need. We know who to ask. And we know how, when, and where to ask them. You get the picture. Research with itracks just makes sense.

Thanks itracks!

We just wrapped up our two online qualitative projects. I we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with itracks on these Bulletin Board Focus Groups. We especially appreciated the following:

  • How you trained and coached three new moderators through this whole process
  • You recruited two panels with very difficult recruit specifications on time
  • You managed all the participants as far as invites and reminders to stay on the panel
  • You provided technical support
  • You helped us revise and upload our discussion guide
  • I found the software very easy to use and enjoyable.

Anne Jalbert,
Research Resource


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