Qualitative on Tap – June 10th


With trade show events and in-person qualitative restricted this past year we have missed socializing, connection, laughter… and maybe a drink or two that we typically would share with our research friends. That’s why we’re officially launching a quarterly Qualitative on Tap!

Event theme: Funny stories from the field

We all have a funny story from the field, either in-person or online, and we would love to hear yours. Leading up to the event, we’ll be collecting entertaining stories from the Qualitative Research field. We will be showcasing the finalists for funniest story at the event in a short presentation and then we will all vote to crown the winner of the Qualitative Research Funniest Story.

Wondering what to submit?

Listen to President Dan Weber’s story about “Cat Man” for some inspiration.

What to Expect at the Event

  • In addition to the Funny Qualitative Story Awards shenanigans, we’ll have the event set up to make the most of networking with colleagues and friends in the Qualitative Research Industry.
  • Programming will be short, and most of the time will be spent in open networking via an awesome social networking platform.
  • There will be open networking tables, along with tables labeled with conversation starters and discussion topics. We’ll also have members of the itracks team there to answer any questions you’ve been hoping to ask about any of the itracks products or services.

The Finalists

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