itracks iMarkIt will help you receive the visual feedback you need in order to deliver the best results. This media mark-up tool can be added to any itracks Board or itracks Realtime activity to add a creative twist to any project.

Step 1


Provide us your media content


Step 2

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Once the files are loaded in, they can be made accessible to the focus groups or interview

Step 3

Reports Icon

Reports can be accessed at the end of your session! iMarkit is available in the user’s browser, no download required


Using iMarkIt, participants can interact directly with visual media to tag and leave feedback on images and video in the form of comments and emoticons all within the comfort of their browser or mobile device.

iMarkIt is perfect for:

  • Web markups
  • Ad testing
  • Usability testing
  • Engaging your participants
  • Adding variety and visual aids to your research and reports
  • Mobile interview projects

iMarkIt Reports

Results are reported immediately, allowing the moderator to ask relevant probing questions while the activity is still occurring.  Filter positive, neutral, and negative responses to more easily visualize feedback, and report your research via heat maps and other visual examples.

Video iMarkIt

iMarkit can also be used on Video, allowing your participants to watch a video and leave comments on frames that they like or dislike. A great way to get feedback on your video advertisements.

iMarkIt FAQs

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