Experience the dynamic synergy of itracks Fusion, a unique blend of Quantitative and Qualitative data collection.

Participants are immersed in content, and clients observe and compare feedback in real-time, for insights that are unique in their power and unpredictability.

Quantitative impact meets qualitative ingenuity.


itracks Fusion allows researchers to transition between immersive quantitative feedback sessions with up to 50 participants, and more intimate video focus groups - with participants selected immediately beforehand based on their responses to the quantitative portion.

Designed specifically to facilitate comparisons between different versions of media, client observers are active participants in the process, observing real-time visualizations of the quantitative results as they happen.

Following the quantitative phase, moderators and observers review participant responses and identify individuals best suited for in-depth discussions. All these processes occur within the integrated environment of the itracks portal. 

Fusion Features

Multimedia Integration

Seamlessly incorporate various types of media content such as images, videos, audio clips, and documents for participant engagement and feedback.

Real-time Feedback

Enable participants to provide feedback and responses in real-time during sessions, allowing for immediate insights and analysis.

Survey Customization

Customize questionnaires and surveys to suit specific research objectives and gather targeted feedback from participants.

Integrated Video Conferencing

Seamless integration with itracks Realtime video conferencing tools to conduct both quantitative and qualitative sessions, with options for proctor mode for larger groups and focus group mode for in-depth discussions.

Comparative Analysis

Facilitate comparisons of feedback and responses across different concepts or stimuli, enabling researchers to identify trends and preferences.

Participant Selection

Provide tools for researchers to select participants based on specific criteria for further qualitative discussions or follow-up studies.

Real-time Comparative Data Display

Display comparative data in real-time during sessions, allowing participants to visualize leading concepts and providing immediate insights into preferences.

Observer Backroom

Observers in the backroom can monitor sessions, view real-time data, and communicate with moderators for informed decision-making.

Collaboration Tools

Enable collaboration among research team members for study design, data analysis, and report generation within the platform.

Reporting & Insights

Provide tools for generating comprehensive reports and insights based on research findings, with options for exporting data for further analysis if needed.

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