The world’s most advanced online research platform, combining breathtaking speed and data discovery with unmatched UI and UX experiences.

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Amazing versatility

Realtime lets you control the research from wherever you are. Plan, schedule, launch, and replay your session, all from within your internet browser with no additional plugins.

Use it for video focus groups, in-depth-interviews, or text-based focus groups. Share media, conduct polls, even stream live events for group discussion. See the responses up close, follow the discussions and read the nonverbal cues with greater accuracy than in-person panels. Then, edit clips instantly to send to stakeholders.

Endless research possibilities, one turn-key platform.

Built for research. 

We built this from the ground up, based on what we’ve learned from the industry in our 20+ years as pioneers in market research tech. From start to finish, itracks Realtime has the features you need to make your research project go smoothly.

Book your own text or video groups and interviews, use time selection for easily scheduling (included at Team level subscription and up), enjoy the intuitive interface, customized for researchers, observers, and participants, interact easily with media and polling features, and immediately download the unparalleled quality single-stream audio and video outputs.

itracks Realtime is unique and independent, so as valuable feedback keeps coming in from the industry, Realtime will continue to get even better.

The backroom is the new front room. 

itracks Realtime offers a world class front room experience to researchers and participants, but we believe that the bar should be set even higher than that. That’s why we created the industry’s first true virtual backroom.

Clients, C-suite execs, and any other stakeholders who can benefit from seeing the research live as it happens can do so in the privacy of the backroom, where they can communicate with each other and the moderator via both text chat and the backroom video mosaic. This is all fully hidden from the participant view, and with the separate backroom audio stream volume controlled by the moderator you don’t have to worry about observers disrupting, distracting, or biasing the session.

Built with researchers, observers and participants in mind.

“I, like many people have started to experience a bit of video conference fatigue, between the choppy audio, frozen cameras, and people trying to figure out how to unmute themselves, so I initially wasn’t super excited to be doing another one. But after participating in a virtual focus group on what I now realize was itracks Realtime, I was pleasantly surprised at how efficiently their platform solved all the problems above! Joining the group was super easy, the video and audio quality was better than any other service or app I’ve used, and interactive functions like polls were seamless. I wish all video chat platforms were as easy and fun to use!”

Kirsten R., itracks Realtime Video Focus Group Participant

Benefits of Realtime

Instant Feedback

More secure and dependable than mass market video conferencing software, itracks live tech support delivers seamless connections without fear of missed connections

Unparalleled Audio & Video

HD and dual-channel audio combined with enhanced technology gives you crystal clear sound, and single-stream HD video is perfect for capturing every moment. Never miss a comment with recordings of individual feeds.

No downloads or plugins

Connects via a secure website with no software to download or plugins to install. No embarrassing delays while apps load or updates install.

Features & Services

Get the help you need to ensure your project succeeds with these features & optional supplementary services available to itracks subscribers.

Participant Recruitment

Use our itracks Trusted Partner Network to easily send your proposal out to several pre-vetted recruiters for bid so they can help you find the right participants for your project.

Available to all itracks software subscribers. 

Find a Recruiter


Use our itracks Trusted Partner Network to easily send your proposal out to several pre-vetted moderators for bid and find the moderator that’s perfect for your project.

Available to all itracks software subscribers. 

Find a Moderator

Time Selection

Scheduling is easy with participant time selection. When activated, participants choose the time that works for them and are automatically assigned to the appropriate group, so the only calendar you need to worry about is yours.

Included at Team+ subscription levels.

Discussion Guide

Upload your media, questions, and script in advance for easy launching during your session so that you can focus on the conversation at hand.

Included in all subscription levels.


Text chat transcripts are available immediately for download, with optional machine and human transcription available for video chats. 

itracks Help Desk

Help is just a call or chat away, with our itracks Help Desk.

Available to all itracks subscribers.

Custom Branding

Customize the platform, and create your company’s own virtual branded facility.

Included at Agency & Enterprise level subscriptions, available as an add-on for all other subscribers.

Additional Storage

Need more secure storage for all those groups you’ve been running? No problem! Contact us and we’ll quickly have it added to your account. In the meantime, don’t worry – your groups won’t be interrupted because of storage requirements.

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