In-depth Interviews

Dig deep in real-time with one on one interviews. Schedule efficiently with automated time selection, and hold as many interviews as required to get the insights you need, without worrying about budget.

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Use media stimuli to elicit feedback, then dig deeper into responses. Or, simply have a conversation, keeping all your focus on one individual, in the moment.

Meet face-to-face with high resolution video, or keep sensitive topics more anonymous with audio only.

IDIs are great for:

  • Researching sensitive topics where individuals may prefer to discuss privately
  • Research with high-profile, high-earning professionals who want to make the most of their time (e.g., doctors, executives)
  • Testimonial projects

The itracks Realtime Advantage

Step up your in-depth-interviews using itracks Realtime, and experience perks like:

  • Time selection, automated communication, discussion guides, and more project management tools to streamline the whole process.• Get fully immersed with noticeably better high-res video feeds and dual channel audio.
  • A world-class observer experience with the best virtual backroom in the industry. Evolve your discussion guide between interviews based on real-time stakeholder questions and feedback.
  • No program downloads or plugins.
  • Unlimited sessions with your subscription means the number of interviews is dictated by insight, not budget.
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Don’t Take Our Word for it. Listen to Our Users!

“We’ve never had a project with observers where they didn’t ask a question. And there’s something significant they’re asking, something in the discussion that has sparked a curiosity they weren’t thinking about previously.”

Robert Danoff, Partner, BrandOutlook

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Website Testing Using IDIs

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