Text Based Focus Groups

Expand your research into broader discussions anytime, with qualitative focus groups using text. Ideal for live event research, quick turnarounds, large groups, and unbiased feedback. Not just for when video isn’t an option.

Larger groups, more discussion, no interruptions.

Moderate a dozen or more participants in real-time, without having to wait in between responses. Text responses encourage honest responses and keep the discussion going for more discussion content, without interruption.

Text based focus groups are ideal when:

  • Anonymity is important
  • You want to have a discussion with a large amount of participants without spending hours upon hours in video groups
  • The project calls for a big sample size and smaller budget
  • You want to use unbiased question modes to get honest feedback in a group setting
  • Realtime feedback is needed for live events like sports or debates, where you don’t want audible conversations to disrupt the media stimuli

Supercharge Your Text-based Focus Groups with itracks Realtime

Use the power of the world’s most advanced qualitative research platform to gain insights and develop analytics using features not found on other chat platforms.

  • Enhanced polling features
  • Instant downloadable transcripts
  • An easy and intuitive user interface
  • A virtual backroom where stakeholders can interact with each other and the moderator without distracting participants
  • Uninfluenced question modes to eliminate bias
  • Live streaming media capabilities, perfect for researching sports or other live event broadcasts as they air
  • A secure platform, HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Available worldwide with no plugins or program downloads

Case Study

Live Professional Sports Event Research Using Online Text-Based Focus Groups

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