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Upcoming Webinars:

  • Online and Mobile Qual Use Cases – Join Joel Schmaltz, VP Client Development, for a webinar highlighting use cases for online and mobile qualitative. Joel will go through a number of successful online and mobile qualitative projects that have been conducted on itracks integrated online and mobile discussion board.

Past Webinars:

itracks Celebrity Series

itracks hosted a series of 3 webinars featuring itracks’ clients and research partners giving them the opportunity to share their stories and expertise. Topics included consumer anthropology, ethnography, choosing qualitative research methodologies and experiences moving from traditional environments to online and mobile platforms.

  • Making the Leap to Online and Mobile – A Moderator’s Experience and Case Study
    Mindy Miraglia, Principal Researcher at Searcher Market Research, shared her experience and lessons learned while conducting her first online and mobile qualitative discussion board. She presented a case study of a tourism destination rebranding project conducted primarily through an online and mobile discussion board with one supporting face to face group. The case study presentation included the study objectives, insights gathered, deliverables and client response to the research. Mindy reflected on what went well and what she will do differently for her next online and mobile qualitative research project.
  • Chats or Boards? That’s the Question!
    Confused about when it’s best to use a real-time chat (OLFG) vs. an asynchronous message board (BBFG)? Jeff Walkowski has been conducting all forms of online qualitative since the mid-1990s. He brings a wealth of experience spanning many industries, and is a strong proponent of both chats and message boards. Using the case-study approach, he will guide attendees through several scenarios, pointing out why a particular online approach was selected, and the benefits of each approach.
  • Advancing Understanding With Consumer Anthropology Using Progressive Sample Selection and Ethnography
    Jamie Gordon, VP Consumer Anthropology with Northstar Research, will provide an explanatory webinar introducing Northstar’s “3 C’s” contextual framework for strategic research, which focuses on Clients, Culture and Consumers. Jamie will also illustrate one of Northstar’s best-practice ethnographic methodologies, which involves multi-stage sampling beginning with a larger sample data collection and funnels down to progressively intimate qualitative and ethnographic deep dives using a subset of that sample. As a part of the discussion, Jamie will talk about how Northstar leverages the itracks discussion board technology as a best-practice field-approach.
  • The itracks Qualitative Software SuiteJoin Joel Schmaltz for an overview of itracks’ full suite of qualitative software products. 
  • Introducing a New Way to Connect: itracks Mobile v1.5 – Join Dan Weber, itracks CEO, and Robert Burron, itracks Corporate Account Executive, for a webinar discussing techniques to support multitasking respondents in a mobile environment.  Robert will provide a demonstration of the itracks Mobile platform and the new features of v.1.5 with emphasis on the new notification center.  itracks’ newly released Mobile platform has a system which automatically takes care of your notification needs from a probing and inter-participant discussion perspective.
  • itracks Discussion Board – Online and Mobile all in One – Joel Schmaltz, itracks’ VP Client Development, provided a software demonstration and discussion on how to expand your opportunites and build efficiencies in your business through itracks’ expanded Discussion Board platform. Joel provided an overview of the software focusing on the new developments in webcam and mobile capabilities and enhanced transcripts.
  • New Methodologies in Medical Market Research – Join Kirk Lange, itracks Senior Project Manager and Dan Weber, itracks CEO, for a thought provoking webinar discussion on applying new mobile and online research technologies to medical market research.
  • “Mobilize” Your Qual MR – Join Dan Weber, itracks’ CEO discussed insights on Mobile Qualitative implementation and service model development. Dan covered the following topic areas during the webinar:
      • Pros and Cons of adding mobile response options to your qualitative studies
      • How to integrate Mobile research into your existing qualitative service model
      • Technology Considerations – pros and cons of using a qualitative app, vendor selection considerations
      • Types of research most suitable for adding spontaneous and immediate mobile responses
      • Mobile video management – how to effectively, efficiently and securely analyze, report and share large volumes of mobile video and images
  • Itracks Enhanced Transcripts for Discussion Boards – Candace Northey, itracks Software as a Service Team Lead, will provide a demonstration and training session on itracks enhanced transcript development. This brief webinar will cover transcript features, navigation, media viewing, secure downloading and customization.
  • iMarkIt Advanced Methodologies– Join itracks Candace Northey, Software as a Service Team Lead, for an indepth webinar on itracks’ iMarkIt.
  • Itracks Mobile – Join Gilles Gauthier, itracks Product Manager, for demonstration of itracks Mobile and learn how to take your research to the field and into the moment.
    • Click here to view a demo video
  • Video Questions, Answers and Reporting – Join Gilles Gauthier, itracks Product Manager, for demonstration of itracks Video Questions, Answers and Reporting Software and learn how to bring “Face Value” to your research.
    • Click here for a demo video
  • Moderating Qualitative Focus Groups from your Mobile Device – Join Dan Weber, itracks CEO, for a demonstration of how to leverage itracks Mobile app to moderate focus groups.

Please note:
For a more detailed demonstration of the itracks Mobile platform, attend the “Introducing a New Way to Connect: itracks Mobile 1.5” webinar or book a demo at www.itracks.com/demo/