Webinar: Designing & Executing Online Chat Focus Groups, Intercept Studies and Live Event Research

This is the final webinar in the three-part “Expanding Your Horizons” webinar series. Join Dan Weber, President of itracks, as he speaks about how to plan, design and execute online text chat focus groups. He will show how to conduct research on live events including sporting events, video gaming tournaments, scheduled TV events, political presentations, or a client’s own live event. He will also speak to setting up “itracks Now” events which utilize real time recruiting methods to start a focus groups in 15 minutes or less.

Making the Leap to Qualitative Online Research: Engaging Participants

Making the leap: engaging participants

Tune in and watch as Kathy Fitzpatrick, itracks VP Client Development, dissects and presents the data and insights garnered through our research and see first-hand several examples in practice of increasing engagement of participants to enrich online and mobile qualitative research results.

Making the Leap to Online Qualitative Research: Live Chat

This webinar will provide an introductory overview of how an online discussion board works. The presentation will include a summary of the project set up, execution and post project reporting for asynchronous discussion boards.

Fielding IDIs has Never Been Easier

Find out how more about itracks’ newest product – the itracks IDI and how it can help you achieve your research requirements with IDIs and the cost saving benefits this new technology offers.

Choosing a Mobile Qualitative Video App

Watch this video to learn what a researcher should look for in choosing an app to facilitate better, faster, and cheaper ways to collect mobile video insights.

Advertisement Testing Case Study

Webinar Quant Qual Collide Digital Advertising Case Study

Guest speaker, Bert Miklosi, shares a case study example of copy testing leveraging the efficiences of online quantitative, online qualitative and concept markup tools.

Redefining Research ROI

Market Research Return on Investment ROI - Benjamin Smithee Webinar Celebrity Series

Celebrity Series guest, Ben Smithee, discusses how technology-based research is  bringing true ROI, providing  intangible benefits and delivering valuable insights.

Making the Leap to Online and Mobile

Webinar Celebrity series - Mindy Miraglia

Watch Mindy Miraglia, Principal Researcher at Searcher Market Research, as she shares her experience and lessons learned while conducting her first online and mobile qualitative discussion board.

Chats or Boards? That’s the Question!

Webinar Celebrity Series Jeff Walkowski

Confused about when it’s best to use itracks Chat vs. itracks Board? Using the case-study approach, Jeff Walkowski will guide you through several scenarios, pointing out why a particular online approach was selected, and the benefits of each approach.