Online Video Dial Tester

Business Challenge

In late 2009, a company approached itracks wanting to reach a greater geographic audience than they were currently reaching with the in person video dial tester. itracks’ developed an online version of the video dial tester to coincide with their needs. The client enlisted the help of itracks to evaluate tutorial videos placed on the client’s website.


The client conducted two BBFG groups which incorporated the Video Dial Tester. The Video Dial Tester allowed for participants to show what aspects of videos they liked and/or disliked. The participants were shown two tutorials and were asked to rate the video by using the slider. Ratings were allowed only on the first viewing; participants were able to watch the videos more than once. After the video was shown participants were asked to share their thoughts and opinions regarding each video. Participants were not allowed to continue until they had confirmed they had viewed the video.


The client was given relevant feedback regarding the tutorials being shown. Participants gave feedback regarding aesthetics, length, value of information and overall impression. Through the feedback gained, the client was able to modify the tutorials to offer a better product to the site visitors and also made necessary changes to create more aesthetically pleasing videos.

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