Leveraging Sentiment Analysis for Targeted Messaging in Political Campaigns

In an era dominated by troll farms, political astroturfing, and canned messaging, the authenticity of social media has plummeted, making it increasingly challenging and less reliable for gauging sentiment in political campaigns.

The solution to navigating today's complex digital landscape lies in modernized qualitative opinion research, now more accessible and powerful thanks to tools like AI-driven sentiment analysis with real-life voters.

Eliminate guesswork and authenticity concerns by connecting directly with voters and using dedicated qualitative research tools and large-scale sentiment analysis. Make informed decisions based on real interactions, while leveraging the efficiencies of large-scale data operations.

Learn how combining political acumen and qualitative expertise, as exemplified by the Bowie Group, with itracks' advanced capabilities, offers a robust path forward. This synergy will propel political campaigns with invaluable insights into research practices throughout this electoral cycle.

This webinar is a collaboration between itracks and The Bowie Group, and will feature Chad Bowie and Leon Bourner, moderated by Krystal Rudyk.

Chad Bowie
Founder & Principal

An award-winning direct marketing consultant, political strategist, opinion researcher, and communications professional with political, non-profit, and corporate clients across North America, Chad Bowie has helped many political and non-profit organizations smash records – and bring in millions of dollars!

Bringing together sophisticated public opinion research, proven voter contact techniques and disciplined, comprehensive narratives, Chad develops hard-hitting, effective campaign strategies. As a qualitative researcher, he zeroes in on his client’s research needs and works directly with them to develop a fulsome strategy to obtain the insights they need to make decisions.

Leon Bourner
Director of Sales & Client Development

An award-winning client development professional, Leon has spent the past three years as Director, Sales and Client Development at itracks. In this time, he has helped hundreds of clients realize their qualitative research goals using dedicated online focus group, interview, and discussion board solutions.

An integral part of itracks’ strategic direction, he helped launch itracks Realtime in early 2021. His and his team’s reception and translation of client feedback is a direct contributor to feature updates and the overall evolution of itracks solutions.