Beyond the Screener: Ensuring Participant Authenticity in the Age of AI


Fraudsters have always been a point of concern in online qualitative research, but, but recent advances in generative AI have made maintaining participant legitimacy and quality more challenging than ever. 

Join us as our panelists discuss questions like:

  • How can I make sure my participants are responding in an authentic, engaged manner, and not just typing my questions into Chat GPT? 
  • How can I verify that the person I talked to in the screener is the same person who actually shows up for the focus group? 
  • How can I make sure I’m recruiting a real person and not a robot? (And how is this even a question I need to ask?) 

The panel, moderated by Director of Sales Leon Bourner, will share their own personal and professional experiences in what has (and hasn’t) worked for them to improve participant engagement, raise show rates, increase response quality and P


  • Dan Weber, President, itracks 
  • Adam Dumont, Recruitment Lead, itracks 
  • J.D. Aguirre, Jr., Magellan Media Ventures, LLC 
  • Christine Keller, Kantar Retail