How to Conduct Qualitative Research on Millennials – WEBINAR

How to Conduct Qualitative Research on Millennials – Perspective from a Millennial Moderator

Millennials are the new hot topic for researchers. How? Why? Where? What next? We have so many questions about millennials because they are leading the trends, are currently our largest living generation, and account for a HUGE part of our economy.

BUT… are we asking them these questions in the right way?

Millennials have changed the name of the game for marketers and businesses — the way research is conducted on them needs to change too.

Have you adapted research methods to understand and engage them? It’s tricky and doesn’t happen overnight. Meagan Peters, Qualitative Director at Solution Partners Consulting, breaks down successful methods and shares what it is like to be a millennial and conduct millennial research. Brent Beatty, Corporate Account Executive at itracks, discusses the best ways of combining these methods with the power and flexibility of online qualitative research.

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