Designing & Executing Video Focus Groups and Video/Telephone Interviews

Planning, Designing and Executing Online Video Focus Groups, Video Interviews and Online Telephone Interviews

Webinar #2 

As we continue to experience a shift from in-person to online qualitative research, tailoring your project to the online environment from the very beginning is more important than ever. Expand your horizons and learn how to optimize your real-time virtual qualitative research from the innovative industry leaders at itracks.

Watch this webinar, where itracks co-founder, Garnette Weber, and operations leader, Candace Northey, dig deeper into important considerations for designing real-time video and phone research, answering questions like:

  • What should I consider when planning to engage with participants and client observers during the study?
  • Which technologies are the best fit for my project and how do I make the best use of them?
  • How can I effectively recruit participants?
  • Which skill sets can I add to or transfer over from face-to-face research?
  • What kind of timeline should I expect for my project?
  • What reporting deliverables should I plan for?
  • We will host a Q&A session after the presentation as well.

This was the second in a three-part webinar series, hosted in spring/summer 2020.

Webinar #1 | Online Qualitative Project Planning, Design and Execution to Create Value
Webinar #3 | Planning, Designing and Executing Online Chat Focus Groups, Online Intercept Studies and Live Event Research

Watch Webinar #1 using the link below.

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