Healthcare Industry Insights: 3 Ways to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Patients and Customers During COVID-19


3 Ways to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Patients & Providers During COVID-19


With COVID-19, there has been an expansion of virtual qualitative research in the healthcare industry to research the real-life experiences of patients, consumers, and healthcare providers. Innovative digital methodologies designed especially for virtual research provide an excellent opportunity to collect qualitative insights in a faster, safer, and more cost-effective manner. This webinar includes case study examples of successful online studies researching both patients and healthcare providers:

  • Example projects researching medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and patient education
  • Case study with long-term collaborative interactions with patients experiencing chronic disease
  • Unique approach used to create a safe and convenient method to gather insights and develop an in-depth understanding of patient perspectives

Who should watch?

This webinar was designed for researchers, executives, managers and marketing professionals within the healthcare industry who want to gain a better understanding of patient experiences and or healthcare provider feedback.

What is covered?

Various options for digital qualitative research programs within the healthcare industry to efficiently deliver high-quality insights and best practice tips to meet your program objectives.

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