Webinar on Demand – Mobile Shop-Along Tips & Tricks


Despite all the buzz around online retail, more than 80% of shopping is still done in-person. And because 73% of consumers prefer brands that offer a personalized shopping experience, the most competitive brands are turning to qualitative research to find out how they can stand out.

Shop-alongs give real-time insight into the decisions consumers make while shopping, helping brands to make strategic decisions to draw more customers through their doors, and to their items on the shelves. Historically, shop-alongs were often cost-prohibitive and intrusive, but the introduction of real-time qualitative research mobile apps makes them a more accessible methodology than ever before.

Join qualitative research expert Kathy Fitzpatrick for a 30-minute webinar for valuable insight into how you can make the most of your next retail shop-along using mobile technology, including:

• Taking full advantage of mobile portability from home to parking lot to checkout
• Seeing through your customer's eyes (and automatically recording)
• The right pre-work to set things up for success
• Minimizing intrusion and making things more natural to maximize insights