Quantifying the Environmental Impact of Conducting Qualitative Online Focus Groups Webinar

According to Forbes, 90% of executives think sustainability is important, and 60% of companies have already developed an official sustainability plan. According to McKinsey, companies with high environmental, social and governance metrics consistently outperform the market.  Earth.org’s list of most sustainable companies of 2022 included corporate giants and household names like Samsung, HP, Apple, Telus and more. The truth is, sustainability is demanded by the modern consumer, and the importance of sustainability to companies and their leaders will only keep growing.

One of the easiest and most effective ways that companies can achieve their sustainability goals is by working with sustainable vendors and partners, including you, as a research partner. Don’t worry if you haven’t already developed your own sustainability policy. By using itracks technology, you’re already helping these companies contribute to their sustainability goals, you might just not know how much.

Every focus group or interview that is booked online instead of in-person is a win for sustainability, especially on the environmental side. Groups held online eliminate the immense amount of greenhouse gasses generated by air and land travel, emissions from hotel stays, and fuel consumption by research facilities. So now you may be asking:

  • Sure, but how MUCH energy is saved by going online?
  • How can I quantify this to actually measure my impact?
  • How do I show my clients this impact and use it to win contracts, help my company grow, and help my clients and partners achieve their sustainability goals?

The good news is, itracks has already done a lot of this work for you! We too were curious about these questions, and being a leader in the industry, figured we were the perfect candidates to find out. itracks President Dan Weber and Registered Sustainability Excellence Associate Jacqueline Gorman worked together to develop a model measuring exactly how many carbon emissions were spared by using online research, and the results were impressive.

Since we began conducting online focus groups, itracks has saved roughly 47,500 tonnes of carbon emissions. That’s equivalent to eliminating 52 million pounds of burned coal, or removing over 10,000 gas-guzzling passenger vehicles from the road for a whole year. The ability to quantify this information has been integral to achieving our own sustainability goals, and we want to help you (and your clients and stakeholders) to do the same.

  • See the science behind the model
  • Learn how to calculate the environmental impact of your own company’s past online qualitative work, as well as the impact of future proposed work
  • Gain tools to demonstrate this impact to clients
  • Help your own company, your clients and stakeholders achieve their sustainability goals and grow your business in the process.

Dan and Jacqueline will be on hand to answer any questions and get you well on your way to making sustainability a key part of your business strategy going forward.