Millennial Research – The Case for Segmentation

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Millennial Research: The Case for Segmentation is a free, 60-page e-book meant to peel back the layers and uncover fundamental truths about demographics and lifestyle attributes millennials share universally, as well as how they can be segmented into unique groups. Like every generation, behavioral drivers change over time and life stage. A more granular approach to unpacking compelling behavioral pillars of truth about millennials is imperative for any business that hopes to be successful.

Millennial Research: The Case for Segmentation was written by Earnestine Benford, owner of Creating Breakthroughs LLC, a marketing management and research consultancy dedicated to equipping organizations with the ability to solve challenging and consumer-centric questions that drive growth.

Chapters include:

  • Who Are They?
  • Why Are They Important?
  • Millennial Life Segmentation
  • Millennial Life Stage Strategy
  • Millennials and Online Research

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