Benefits of Concierge During Live Online Focus Groups

When booking with itracks Realtime you have the unique option to request the service of a dedicated concierge service to support your group allowing you to focus on the research. Similarly, in-person facilities have a receptionist to answer questions via phone, coordinate parking and logistics, greet participants and show them to the restroom and the focus group room.  The online focus group concierge is more than just a simple attendant. The concierge is a technical expert on the platform assigned to your group ready to help at a moment’s notice. This blog is to explain the benefits of our concierge service.

  1. One of the advantages of concierge is that it provides personal technical support while the project is ongoing. At all times the technical support will be online to attend to all requests, assisting in every way they can facilitate a high quality experience on the platform.
  2. Tech support is always focused on the best interest of the client, providing and recommending the best options.  Concierge is like having access to the tech support’s insider knowledge and expertise. It removes the element of unknown. This also frees up time for the moderator to engage with observers and interact with participants. Having proactive service allows users to spend less time trouble shooting, translating to moderators, focusing more on their project.
  3. The concierge can take care of greeting participants, testing them, and allowing them in the meeting when you are ready to start. The concierge experience truly allows you to just join at the click of a button and just let the rest unfold perfectly on its own without having to worry about “Ifs”.

In conclusion, itracks Concierge can be a major benefit to your online focus group, as the participants and client observers are professionally hosted and supported, allowing the moderator to focus on key tasks to facilitate the research.  Concierge is there to assist at any moment, so that the client can relax, and the participants can have a flawless experience.