For Release March 6, 2023

NVivo and itracks Announce Partnership

Leaders in Online Qualitative Technology Work to Bridge the Gap Between Data Collection and Analysis

[Denver, CO and Saskatoon, SK]: Lumivero, developers of popular qualitative data analysis software NVivo, announced today a partnership with itracks, creators of itracks Realtime and Board software platforms for qualitative data collection. Through this partnership, the two companies will strive to break down the silos between online qualitative data collection and analysis, improving efficiency and deepening the insights gathered by qualitative researchers around the globe.

“By partnering with the industry’s most advanced focus group and interview software, we have a fantastic opportunity to bridge the gap between qualitative data collection and analysis,” said Gareth Morrison, CEO of Lumivero. “Our mission at Lumivero is to bring trusted research, decision-making, and organization tools together that enable professionals to work more efficiently and uncover new insights with their data. This collaboration between NVivo and itracks will help streamline the qualitative research process and allow users more time to ask complex questions of their data.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with such established leaders in the world of qualitative research software,” said Garnette Weber, CEO and co-founder of itracks. “We’re proud of the innovations we’ve brought to the industry in terms of conducting focus groups, interviews, and online discussion boards, but we know that data collection is only half the story. To be synching up with a product that has such powerful capabilities to interpret that data is going to help the researchers we work with get much closer to realizing the full potential of online qual.”

The long-term vision of the partnership is for full integration between itracks and NVivo software solutions – one login to take qualitative researchers all the way through their data collection and analysis journeys with no need for data downloads or uploads in between. In the shorter-term, researchers can look forward to benefits including:

  • Improve research experience through effortless focus group organization
  • Gain valuable insights from traditionally hard-to-reach groups with confidence that research data is secure
  • Collaborative webinars, articles, and other educational materials to help researchers achieve a seamless transition between data collection and analysis
  • Phased releases of innovations in both software platforms to further improve compatibility and help qualitative researchers maximize the potential of their online tools

About Lumivero: Lumivero is a leader in global analytics and insights software, connecting data with decision-making and organizational tools to enable customers to organize, analyze, report, and collaborate on data to create insights and make confident decisions. Lumivero is a portfolio company of TA. Learn more at

About itracks: itracks has been a leading innovator in online qualitative technologies and services since 1999. Their key products include itracks Realtime for conducting focus groups and interviews, itracks Board for asynchronous discussion boards, and itracks GO for managing online qualitative projects in one secure, central location.