The Benefits of itracks Text Based Online Focus Groups

What are Text Based Online Focus Groups?

Text Based Online Focus Groups are digital focus groups that use text as the main method of communication.

Larger Groups and More Discussion

Text Online Focus Groups allow you to moderate dozens of participants in real-time without spending long hours in video groups. The moderator can expect more honest responses from participants and generate more insights and information.  Most people can read /type much faster than they can listen / speak.  People can process questions and express themselves simultaneously so that precious focus groups minutes are not used up letting everyone in the video group take turns sharing their answers.  Text Chat transcripts are approximately 33% longer than video groups.


Text chats coupled with generic display names provide the opportunity for participants to remain anonymous.  This is the environment of choice for sensitive topics, groups with competitors and other scenarios where participants will be more expressive if their anonymity can be maintained. The participant may feel inclined to provide more honest answers because of the security of anonymity.

Avoid Group Think

If the moderator is interested in unbiased answers from other participants, Text Chat may be the best option.  Question settings can allow for the respondent to be required to answer the question prior to viewing the responses of others and interacting with other respondents.

Accommodates the Simultaneous Viewing of Multi-media and or Live Events

Conducting a video group during a live event such as a debate or sporting event is very distracting.  Text based groups allow the participants to view the live media and then answer questions and engage in the focus group during breaks in the action or transition periods.

Immediate Accurate Transcripts

Download your accurate text transcript immediately following your group.

What can itracks Text Chat be used for?

itracks Text Chat can be used for live event research, quick turn around projects, larger focus groups, and for moderators seeking uninfluenced answers.

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