The Significance of iMarkIt

itracks launched the iMarkIt tool, in the summer of 2021, to be added to any itracks Board or itracks Realtime activities. iMarkIt is a tool that can be useful to engage with participants and efficiently gather feedback on concepts, ads, website designs and packaging designs.   

How does iMarkIt work? Let’s break it down! 

  1. iMarkIt can be used with participants providing feedback through commenting and using emoticons on images.

  2. The results are reported immediately, allowing the moderator to reply quickly to questions during the activity.
  3. iMarkIt can filter positive, neutral, and negative responses through the heat map feature to interpret visual responses.  

What is the Heat Map feature? Why is it so important? 

One of our exciting features of the iMarkIt tool is the Heat Map feature. The significance of the Heat Map feature relies on the visual representation of the participant’s feedback. The Heat Map tool can communicate participant’s feedback through colour values which showcase ‘hot and cold’ density zones on the data you are researching feedback for, therefore representing a visual variety and value of responses. The darker the shade in specified zones, the greater the quantity! 

itracks examined the value of the growing popularity for Heat Maps. Adding this feature to Realtime and Board was providing a unique method of receiving feedback from participants for researchers. 

Where can I use iMarkIt? 

iMarkIt activities can be used during a video/text online focus group, video interview or online discussion board. The iMarkIt exercise can be completed independently, and the moderator can view the results immediately. The moderator has the choice to share the results after the participants have completed the exercise or the results can be discussed during the itracks Realtime activity.


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