What is OnlyQual?

Are you looking to recruit for your project and unsure where to start? One of the recruitment options in the itracks Trusted Recruit Network is itracks’ Internal recruitment team: OnlyQual! 

OnlyQual has 20+ years combined experience recruiting for online research using a combination of proprietary sample, online web-based DIY sampling tools, and social media to achieve the highest quality results with a highly streamlined process and very reasonable prices. 

OnlyQual puts maximum effort into ensuring that the target audience of participants recruited are real people with the technical capabilities required to participate in online research. 

To achieve this, OnlyQual often use a multilayered screening process to target the audience, screen them through a survey, move them immediately into the itracks research software to test the user’s system, and have them answer a homework or articulation question by recording a video. Once complete, a participant can confirm their participation by email and or text message. 


Intercept recruiting: 

Intercept recruiting works the same way as recruiting from a client list, except that the source is different, being that the participants will come from a website or other survey. We can supply an integration link to redirect participants directly into our itracks board or Realtime software where we can then apply further screening and or our confirmation and scheduling process. 


What is itracks Trusted Recruit Network: 

itracks Trusted Network is the place to go to find moderation or recruiting for your research study.  

We have vetted a group of partners that we work with and trust to recruit participants and moderate focus groups or interviews for us and our clients.  

They have a wide variety of expertise, and our network allows you to connect directly with them for pricing and services. With the network you can review a list of profiles of our partners, send and review quotes to and from them, and select your preferred partner.  

Our moderator partners and our recruitment partners have been trained to use our software, and we (itracks/OnlyQual) may work with the partners on a project-to-project bases to aid processes.